2nd Assistant - Canterbury C.C.
Job Title:  2nd Assistant
Job Type:  Full-Time
Location:  Cleveland
Job Status:  Interviewing
State:  OH
Description:  The Second Assistant reports directly to the Director of Golf Course and Grounds. They will work with the superintendent and 1st assistant in managing the staff and golf course. This is an entry-level position for individuals that have recently graduated.

Our goal is to train the Second Assistant in all aspects of golf course management. These areas include people management, budget management, experience actively and confidently conversing with members and committees, irrigation repair/troubleshooting, water management, proper application and calibration techniques, pest control and identification, equipment operation, and project management. 

We will communicate with you and determine what areas you'd like to focus on in preparation for your career advancement. We will establish goals to work on together and reevaluate these goals annually.
Qualifications:  Either a certificate, two, or four year degree in turf management or related field from an accredited university with a minimum of 1 year experience working on a golf course
Compensation:  $45,000/yr
Show Compensation:  Show Compensation
How to Apply:  Please email resume and cover letter to mlopresti@canterburygc.org
State Date:  April 2019
Education Level:  College
Company Name:  Canterbury Golf Club
Company Address:  22000 S Woodland Rd
City:  Cleveland
Zip Code:  44122
Website:  www.canterburygc.org
Contact Name:  Michael LoPresti
Contact Email:  mlopresti@canterburygc.org
Contact Phone Number:  2165610909


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