Assistant Superintendent - Highland Park G.C.
Job Title:  Assistant Superintendent
Job Type:  Full-Time
Location:  Highland Park G.C.
Job Status:  Interviewing
State:  OH

Duties, Functions and Responsibilities: 

  • Assist with the scheduling of daily and weekly mowing assignments
  • Assist with herbicide application and plant health care needs
  • Assist with the establishment of a relationship with clients, field and maintenance staff
  • Assist crews with job assignments as needed
  • Follow all company policies, procedures and work rules
  • Understand and perform first aid, CPR and aerial rescue procedures
  • Communicate by reading relevant manuals and materials, speaking clearly, distinctively and listening to instructions
  • Follow all safety rules and regulations and teach these rules and regulations to other employees
  • React appropriately in an emergency situation
  • Report timely and accurately to supervisor


  • Customer Service
  • Respond appropriately to requests for service and assistance
  • Meet job duty requirements
  • Oral Communication
  • Speak clearly and accurately in positive and negative situations
  • Listen and obtain clarification, interpret oral information
  • Respond appropriately to questions
  • Participate constructively in meetings
  • Team Work
  • Balance team and individual responsibilities
  • Gives and listens to feedback
  • Contribute to building a productive team environment
  • Written Communication
  • Write clearly and accurately
  • Accurately read and interpret written information
  • Ethics
  • Follow applicable laws and regulations
  • Uphold organizational ethics and policies


  • Observe and follow safety and security procedures
  • Determine and apply appropriate action using guidelines and training
  • Report and correct unsafe or potentially unsafe conditions
  • Use and maintain equipment and materials properly

Education and Qualifications: 

  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Valid driver's license required, Commercial driver's license maybe required
  • Advanced knowledge in Turfgrass or related field
  • Reasoning Ability: Apply understanding to carry out detailed written or oral instructions. Identify and resolve problems involving multiple variables in varied situations
Compensation:  DOE
How to Apply: Requisition Number: 36257 
Search by Location :Highland Hills, Ohio
Then follow the application process
State Date:  April 15th -May 1st
Education Level:  College
Company Name:  Davey Golf North
Company Address:  3550 Green Rd.
City:  Highland Hills
Zip Code:  44122
Contact Name:  James Welling
Contact Email:
Contact Phone Number:  330-418-5430


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